Andreas Schanowski
Bernd Hauschopp
Björn Müller
Daniel Bender
Dirk Oechsle
Eduardo Cadima
Frank Meerbothe
Henning Ohse
Ksenia Milay
Lars Nawrot
Nadja Forstbauer
Nicolo Priolo
René Anlauff
Robert Aflenzer
Sebastian Bender
Steve Feledziak
Tilmann Carbow
Tobias Kaiser
Wayne Bausen


Völkerball's vision in 2008 was to bring to the stage the sound and grandeur of a Rammstein show, a journey that was to last until today, and will not be over yet for some time. For the past 10 years Völkerball has hit their audience’s sweet spot, while being convincing both for old-established Rammstein fans, as well as for newcomers to Rammstein. 10 years, more than 500 shows, and several hundreds of thousands of concertgoers all over Europe later, and this extraordinary band continues to stay true to its slogan:

99 % Rammstein

100 % Völkerball

A steadily growing fan base, larger stages, fascinating pyrotechnics, sophisticated light shows, and the insanely brutal Rammstein Sound, have firmly established Völkerball within a select circle of Europe’s best tribute shows of the past 10 years.

Each and every concert is a unique and special experience.


Initially hidden in darkness, a loud, dull thump explosively opens the stage. The curtain lifts, only to reveal a seemingly unreal and industrial-looking backdrop. Behind a wall of fire and mist, only dimly recognizable, the band emerges and takes their audience on a journey of light, precisely choreographed pyrotechnics, and perfectly balanced Völkerball sound.
Using his hard, deep, inexorable vocals, Völkerball frontman René Anlauff knows how to lead his audience into the primeval atmosphere that has become such a recognisable feature of Rammstein’s lyrics.


An experience somewhere in between genius and madness, fascination and disgust, passion and pain.
A band that presents itself as hard and straight, raw, sensitive, fundamentally cold, and yet deeply emotional.